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Silver has the most devoted precious metal advocates asking themselves if Wall Street’s manipulation is worth the trouble. Does it come down to a slight risk of temporary decline over  chance of long-term gain? Is it possible other metals, besides silver, have a real chance to outperform gold?  Some experts believe so but as with all things written here on TPS (The Prospector Site) the last decision is yours. Today we take a closer look at outlaw metals with huge earning potential.

THE SOVEREIGN SOCIETY:  Metals More Precious & Profitable than Gold

Gold may be a national treasure — and I am reminded of that whenever
I think of the time I arranged for the return of Kuwait’s gold from Iraq
after the first Gulf War — but gold is not the rarest, or necessarily the
most profitable, metal.

There are two particular metals, whose rare brilliance surpasses even the
luster of gold.

I’m talking about the real royalty of rare metals —the king and queen
of rare metals, platinum and palladium — and something interesting is
about to happen with them.

The most important aspect to consider is scarcity. Platinum is 15 times
rarer than gold. All of the platinum ever mined in the history of the
world would fit in a room that measures 25 cubic feet.
Palladium is even rarer.

Read the entire article here.

TPS adds…..many of our readers have shown concern about future gold/silver confiscation similar to 1933 & 1934. If concerned, platinum or palladium could be worth making a precious metal diversification. No one knows how far overreaching governments will go as this decades big squeeze tightens.

Like silver, I expect short-term volatility to include platinum and palladium if world economies shrink to the point of buying less of the products that use these alternative metals. My long-term tendency is to believe all three metals (silver, platinum and palladium) will draft gold upward as more view each metal from a monetary viewpoint.

PRWEB: Silver Better Investment than Gold

Danny Esposito, contributor to Penny Stock Detectives, argues silver has been used as money throughout history, making its association with money equal to gold’s. He believes investors who argue that silver is not a monetary precious metal because it has more industrial uses than gold are wrong. Instead, Esposito suggests, silver’s exciting new industrial uses make it a more attractive investment.

In the article, “Silver as Precious as Gold,” Esposito notes, “Silver has the highest electrical conductivity of any element known to man and the highest thermal conductivity of any metal.”

Silver bullion’s ability to kill bacteria without harming the human body has made it invaluable in many medical applications. Everything from wound dressings to gowns to catheters to medical equipment is manufactured with silver bullion.

Research and development continues to find new uses for the precious metal. It is estimated that three-quarters of the silver bullion mined each year is already earmarked for industrial uses. This leaves less and less silver bullion for investment purposes, Esposito explains.

“China is the largest producer and exporter of silver bullion. However, over the last few years, it has cut its exports. Clearly, China has been using the precious metal for industrial uses,” says Esposito, “but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if, besides hoarding gold as a reserve currency, China is also holding silver to diversify its reserve currencies away from paper money.”

Read the entire article here.

TPS adds….silver’s uses continue to amaze our industrial world and I can’t help but wonder how long it is before silver’s monetary fans (investors) battle it out with corporations around the world who use silver. Our technology and medical industries are extremely competitive as more rely on silver’s conductivity to channel advancement to the next level. Interesting times for silver to say the least.

Questions & Comments:

Question: I just finished reading your new book and have to admit the section on silver took me by surprise. I take it you agree with multiple levels of precious metal diversification but not 100% sold on silver? If not silver then more gold? I still have one foot in but leaning toward silver since it appears discounted, especially compared to this time last year. Thanks and I’ll watch for your answer over the next post or two.

TPS Reply: Thanks for reading my book, and the questions. Just to clear the air I too own silver (20%) but have no problem with folks waiting before buying more. Having said that, there’s risk in buying now just like risk in waiting. If you recall, I also wrote how social networking will someday soon drive precious metals price up 5% to 10% instantly as panic and fear strike (warranted or not). A limited supply of physical gold and silver is the best anyone can hope for. Don’t let this limited inventory leave you outside looking in.

Here is what I suggest, follow your gut but keep a close eye on market volatility. Waiting is for those already protected but looking to add more. I’m all about dips but see little benefit of guessing what a volatile market will do over the short term. Thanks for the question.

Question: I’m looking for silver bullion….. and gold…….. Can you send over your current prices?

Answer: Sorry, TPS doesn’t sell physical silver or gold, only information.


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GOLD & SILVER, GOLD AND MONEY   No comments yet

If I gave you a new car would it sway you to support my opinion? What if I made it possible to park your new car on a driveway that leads to your new 3000 sq. ft. home? Let’s take it a step further. What if the only thing I ask in return is a personal obligation to borrow at near zero interest along with a promise to pay it back. What if we overlook the promise to pay it back and convince the bank it’s their fault you borrowed so much and then ask them to forgive part of the loan’s principle? If I offered all this would you overlook my failures as an elected official?

Citizens of the world are on the verge of angry but not for the right reasons. Are we angry over fiscal mismanagement? Are we angry because those elected promise to represent fiscal restraint but never do? Are we angry because hope and change ended as nothing more than a catchy campaign slogan? The answer to all, “Not really.”

The world is on the verge of bubbling anger because our lifestyle consisting of “more” and “new” is ending. Most of us aren’t angry over fiscal insanity, must are angry because we want to extend “normal” and mad as hell that we can’t.

Will heads roll? You bet they will, but only after a great awakening? Let me thoroughly explain before we introduce gold into our equation of the day.  Big Banks are soon to become public enemy number one, as they should. Politicians will deflect blame toward banks even though a few banking institutions control a politician’s future.

This redirect could keep some in power another term or two, at best. This blame leads the masses to ask why big banks can grow more profitable while the average person feels the ill effects of economic correction. But we weren’t angry the day the same bank handed us our new mortgage for the home we can no longer afford, right?

The same banks we are most angry with control around 60% of all U.S. wealth. I want you to connect the dots to really see why we accept fiscal insanity. Your retirement investment, at least most of it, depends on the big banks you have developed a hatred toward. The question is how could this have happened, I’m glad you asked?

Wall Street swims in decades of profit derived from bundled debt, YOUR DEBT. No one made us take on too much debt, we did it because we convinced ourselves we deserved it.  Think of it like a distribution system. The distributor (banking institutions on Wall Street) needed more product to sell and you are the grower of this product (the product is debt).

In return, you get a new Harley, car, house, vacation, Vegas weekend, college degree, useless business expansion, etc. In return, politicians receive one more term to live a life of celebrity. What you might not know is the bank wins twofold since the cash you borrowed cost them almost nothing to lend. Then, Wall Street bundles this debt and sells it back to investors as a worthy investment based on nothing real or tangible. The bummer is your future hinges on one more sucker willing to buy this bundle of defaulting debt!

Why, why does the most prosperous country in the history of the world allow this? Because every dollar you don’t borrow is one the Federal Reserve has to create just to keep this illusion of an economy standing!

I need you to do something before I introduce silver and gold today. Please email this to everyone you remotely care about. We must encourage others to no longer accept fiscal insanity.

Nope, in all honesty, every one short of the choir is only angry because the carousel built from debt is now in monetary failure (correction).  The next wave of anger is nothing close to the last wave of anger.


I wish I could say the scenario presented today is only true in the U.S. but this is not the case.  Debt based economies are now systemic, if not epidemic, and we can look no further than Europe, or California, as the next leg up.

The word “recovery” is one we hear often but the true definition of recovery, at least this recovery, is progressiveness to believe something we ultimately realize as unsustainable is obtainable. Fiat currencies will no longer allow what life long academics refuse to recognize. Eventually, something real must be created, sold, and then profit saved to sustain a healthy growing economy.

I’m sorry, by now some readers want to find a deep hole, crawl in and then drag a flat rock over the opening. I have a better idea. You can’t singularly control the sins we’ve mentioned today, you realize this. What you can do is isolate your wealth, regardless of size or quantity, therefor removing it from the spoils of bad economic behavior.

This will surprise some but I too view precious metals as a silly investment.

Folks, this is more about timing than investing. Silver and gold will expose themselves as a life raft in white-capped waters. Silver and gold will shake this fiat system out over time.

I have no idea how long it will take and honestly not one honest person does either. I do feel transferring wealth into something historically proven as “real” is our best hope to not only weather this storm but prosper too. As for me, I’ll pick monetary history over academia. Real physical silver and gold.


News Worthy:

EXAMINER –Peter Schiff: Next President Will Preside Over the Economic Collapse

On May 21st, Coast to Coast AM aired a special Financial Crisis show, with several different financial and economic analysts appearing during the four hour broadcast.  During the second hour, investment advisor Peter Schiff appeared as a guest and laid out the inevitable path of America’s financial future.

Focusing primarily on our country’s debt, and the sustainability of the dollar to hold back inflation, Shiff predicted that no matter who wins the Presidency in November, that individual will be presiding over an economic crash that will make 2008 pale in comparison.

Later in the program, Peter Schiff was asked by the host if our politicians had the stomach to do what was necessary to bring our economic ship back on course. The proposed solutions to accomplish this entailed 20 years of dedicated austerity for the American people, and a paying off of the nearly $16 trillion in debt obligations by the government.  His answer was a resounding no, as both politicians and the public are too bound by easy money, and the bureaucratic welfare state.  A prime example of this was made when the subject turned to jobs in America, and how a record number of unemployed men were now applying for disability benefits since they were unable to find work in the economy. Read more here.

News Worthy:

The Gold Standard Now:  The Coming of the Gold Standard

America and the world need monetary reform.  Indeed, they need a twenty-first century, international gold standard.  The gold standard — i.e. national currency convertibility to gold — is the simple, proven, global monetary standard by which to transmit reliable price information worldwide.  Unlike manipulated, floating, paper currencies, the true gold standard — a dollar defined in law as a specific weight of gold — exhibits the optimum, impartial, networking effects characteristic of the electronic age of reasonably transparent, global standards.

In an imperfect world, peopled by imperfect human beings, there can be no perfect monetary system.  Nor is the case for gold the case for investment in gold.  Based on a prudent consideration of monetary history, it is an argument from principle by which to establish the optimum monetary standard for a stable, growing economic and social order.

By the test of centuries, the true gold standard, without reserve currencies, is the least imperfect monetary system of history. Read it here.

News Worthy

Swiss America:  Bread Lines or Buffet Line?

World economics are upstaging politics in 2012. Governments worldwide are seeking to make citizens feel “safe” by expanding entitlement programs, which require an ever-expanding, taxable population to pay for these programs. That math does not work in Europe and it won’t work in the U.S. Our political leaders are making promises they cannot keep.

It boils down to this question: Will you rely on government promises or become more self reliant? When the next crisis hits, your choice now may determine whether you stand in a bread line or a buffet line. Worth reading.

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