With many new readers joining TPS over the last few months I feel led to explain what the heck we do here. Our goals are simple as we continue to prove silver and gold as not only worthy but necessary. One reader recently asked why I named us The Prospector Site and truthfully this is a good question. TPS name perfectly describes our journey to prosperity and preservation while shuffling through sensationalism, facts and fiction. I founded this site around 18 months ago in hopes of making sense of something so worthy of explanation. I realized many years ago gold and silver confuses most new to metal, it did me, since most try to compare PM to other assets. This confusion compounds from misinformation, this is why our goal is to provide facts justifying PM and then let you decide its worthiness. Regardless, I am so very glad you’re joining us today.

To those new to silver and gold I encourage you to invest $5 in my book Why Silver & Gold Will Go Higher. I recommend this book not because it’s my work but because it’s one of the few PM books written by someone not selling silver or gold. The book outlines many relevant reasons why PM will rise without sensationalizing today’s economic correction. I don’t want you to buy one ounce of silver or gold until fully understanding why both are so very necessary to protect your family’s future.

Modern day prospecting no longer requires a gold pan or pick. Sure it’s possible a guy can still find a few nuggets hidden below crystal clear Sierra waters, but not likely. Your prospecting efforts are best spent doing exactly what you’re doing today. Prospecting in 2012 and beyond is less about price paid compared to ounces owned. This doesn’t mean we should pay a dime more than necessary but it should focus each owner on the long-term goal over price per ounce.

Modern day prospectors are not traders like the days of old. Think about this if you will. Old world prospecting required much effort to find gold with a goal to TRADE it for cash. Wow have things changed since no one in right mind trades gold for cash, not today at least, not unless under economic duress. Why you ask? The answer is the cornerstone to understanding PM’s usefulness so please read carefully.

Wealth held in currency based assets is declining at an alarming rate. Because of this we must find a new storage to save the little remaining wealth we still have. Trillions in wealth has disappeared over the last few years and trillions more soon will. Trading dollars, euros, yuan, etc into silver or gold provides a reprieve while foolish monetary controllers try to print the world back to prosperity. THIS WILL NOT WORK, NEVER HAS!!

The economic unraveling we describe today requires modern day prospectors to find (purchase) PM and then tuck it away. This is what I mean by hidden wealth or storing wealth outside traditional investment avenues.  No other form of wealth is as discretely hidden from overreaching governments and taxation as gold. No other storage of wealth benefits from such a time of economic volatility either.

Questions & Comments:

Question: I have a simple question and will keep it short. How do I know how much physical silver is enough? I asked my bullion dealer and she said to diversify with proofs, rare coins, and other metal contradictory to your opinion. I’m confused!!

TPS Answer: Congrats on making the decision of a lifetime by owning physical PM. It’s not long before nearly all my clients or readers ask this question and to be honest there’s not a rule of thumb. Each new day justifies not only owning silver and gold but justifies owning more PM. No one can tell you how much and if you give it thought the decision should be yours alone. I encourage you to do exactly what you’re doing today by furthering your PM education. You’ll know when it’s time to buy more, trust me.

Now, let’s discuss the advice coming from our bullion salesperson. Is their goal the same as yours? Hardly, their goal is to sale the most profitable PM for them, not you. This is why I advise all buyers decide exactly what they’re looking for, how much, and how much to pay before contacting a seller. I’m not against asking your seller questions but against relying on a salesperson to offer the best PM advice FOR YOU. This not only stacks silver and gold in your favor but eliminates PM confusion. Awesome, keep up the good work, you’re doing great.

Question: With all the talk of PM suppression I’m not sure what to think. If metals are suppressed isn’t it wise to wait before buying therefore paying less for physical? I’m buying bars of silver and each time paying less than the time before. Your thoughts?

TPS Answer: Thank you for the question, and using my PM consulting service. I completely agree too much is written today about PM suppression. Of course PMs are suppressed, name one asset not suppressed or supported. My opinion is suppressed or not physical silver and gold are necessary to grow and protect wealth. Who cares if you buy silver for less tomorrow than today if the goal is to trade dollars to PM?

I realize PM experts try to justify PM’s stagnate growth of late but all I see is added confusion. No one can stop the rise of physical PM we will experience over the next few years and because of this I still recommend buying silver without looking back. Your plan is wise so pay little attention to the manipulation or suppression talk dominating the PM world. Thanks for the great question.


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