It is not often we associate poverty with power but this presidential election is shaping into such a relationship.  If you’re asking what gold has to do with such an event I understand your confusion but gold’s future is 100% connected to both (greed & poverty). My personal political beliefs have nothing to do with either since my goal here is to not flex party muscle but simply explain how today’s political winds affect the value of your stash.  This election is nothing more than keeping the wealthy rich and the poor fed/sheltered and ability to do both.  If you own gold or silver it is imperative to understand how this type of political elitism will drive PM far above current prices.

Over the last few weeks we have posted thought and evidence how the recovery of 2012 is an illusion. It is now important to understand why political trickery is so important that most running for election is willing to compromise truth and prosperity of our children.  It is even more important for you to understand how owning gold now will provide opportunities for your children and theirs.  Owning PM now goes far beyond making money or owning nice things, this is all about protection of liberty, freedom, and future. To view this as overreaction is to underestimate the power of inflation and politics.

The political age of scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours has entered a dangerous point of necessary far beyond normal political relationships. Over half of US citizens not only agree with debt infested government help but depend on it to survive.  The poor view handouts as necessary, even entitled, and those politically motivated are more than willing to toss scraps to the peasants in exchange for appeasement, and support.  Only a conservative fringe would disagree with providing housing, phones, food, health care, etc for the poor and dependent. Shame on you for arguing programs supported by nonstop debt only drive up the protection big government argues as necessary.

In an odd way Wall Street is now in the same boat of dependency as our poor. This may strike a nerve but if your retirement plans call Wall Street home then please include you in the above statement.  Big government has this shell game down to a tee and few running Wall Street will argue we have entered an age of nonstop stimulus as necessary to keep imaginary wealth supported.   Wall Street understands that Washington must support such a shell game or values of everything dollar dependent decline, including Wall Street salaries, and donations.  You won’t support such stimulus (or support those running for election or re-election) without first believing in recovery, job growth, and Cinderella.

Most Americans still feel this next election is between Democrat vs. Republican but this is far from true. At this point, 90% campaigning only give lip service to controlling debt or understand how it will soon flood all other issues of the day.  The fact meter still points toward continued status quo which will help short term but compound economic correction over long term.  Even leaders who understand such ill effects of debt will succumb to poverty cries and Wall Street intimidation especially if an opponent drums a perfect rhythm of blame and recovery. This is why I feel the debt way of life is no where close to over, this is why I still buy both gold and silver today.  New readers might read a post like today thinking this gold thing is confusing or complicated, it is neither.  Gold will increase as long as a debt based society solves economic issues with more printing, that simple.



I just wanted to drop a note to say thank you for the time you put into this site.  I only recently stumbled upon it while researching silver as a hedge against inflation and wealth protection.   I have yet to take the plunge, but your site has been a great resource!  So Thank you!

One suggestion I would like to make.   I ask if you would consider the format of your pages.   The white text on brown background is quite difficult on the eyes to read.  Perhaps a dark font on a white, or light colored background would be something to consider?   I know with my aging eyes, it would certainly be easier.

Something I hope you may consider.

Thanks again for the site!  I hope to be a frequent visitor!

PROSPECTOR REPLY: Thank you for the comment and suggestion.  Like many other readers you’re wise to consider silver as a hedge against inflation or anything else unforeseen.  Silver has the amazing ability to preserve wealth when dollar related assets fall victim to devaluation derived from debasement.  I doubt either will end anytime soon and this is why I continue to buy silver to this day.  We often hear readers ask if silver has peaked or how we know silver will rise but in all honesty PM is only holding true value while our USD loses buying power.

You’re not the first to comment on text and background so I will bring it up with our web designer.  If anyone else is having trouble please comment too.  I appreciate all comments and suggestions so feel free to reach me here.  Thanks again for commenting.

QUESTION:  Hello, I used The Prospector Site while researching a paper on gold.  I mentioned how gold is real money and dollars are not but my teacher didn’t agree.  He said dollars are money and gold is hard to spend, trade at banks, or use like money (dollars).  Do I have this wrong?

ANSWER: Thanks for the comment.  Hardly a week goes by without a student, like you, using this site as project research.  No, you are not wrong,in fact, you’re absolutely correct as far as I see.  Gold is real money as defined by our Constitution and fiat (dollar) is nothing more than Federal Reserve Notes or IOU s.  The teacher is correct about banks not trading gold but gold is not hard to spend, it is the only worldwide universal currency to exist.  It sounds like our teacher needs a history lesson on all things monetary. You, however, sound wise beyond your years. Keep up the good work and thanks for the question.

PS:  Here is a link to the US Constitution (maybe our teacher should focus on Article I, Section 10)

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