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Well, here we go again by answering yet another common question for those interested in practical gold and silver knowledge.  Our goal is to provide unbiased and accurate information allowing you to make the best “money move” in an uncertain economic climate.  Gold/silver continues to boggle both new and old owners leading us to ask if gold is a better buy than silver?  Both are going up but the question is what will each do over the next few months and years ahead?


By human nature we gravitate to things of security during times of disruption and uncertainty. Faith, family, and precious metal all fall firmly under sources of security, some folks use all three in times like today. Gold and silver have been a source of real money since biblical times outlasting societal currency schemes of debasement and corruption.  This is not changing anytime soon.  A “realization” is beginning to root itself across America, across the world, that a lifestyle derived from debt and deficits is no longer sustainable.  This correction is causing some (the prudent) to liquidate declining assets then parking money in strong, secure, and reliable assets like gold/silver.  This trend will only grow.

Have you noticed how small crowds of people draw a bigger crowd? My personal phone rang off the hook, several months ago, when silver spiked to nearly $50 per ounce.  Friends asked where and what to buy, like silver was on sale, when actually it was as high as modern time had seen.  By nature, we pile into assets after they’ve lifted off and the run into precious metal will be no different.  The price of silver and gold will rise by demand if the economic herd runs its way.  Actually, neither metal needs the herd’s help because trillions in printed currencies is all it takes to lift metal (both gold & silver) to new highs.


I love to buy silver.  This is the one metal you can actually feel for a few hundred bucks. Silver is a cool metal in a world of gold but, unlike gold, it’s priced where everyone can play.  I remember an auctioneer struggling for an opening bid at a fundraiser when he finally lowered the bid to $10 dollars so, “everyone can play.”  Silver is the one metal we each can afford without excuse.  Precious metal brokers are reporting dollar to dollar sales the same for gold and silver.  This means silver has the same current demand as gold but trades 50 to 1 compared to gold’s value.  Know let me ask you a question.  If silver has the same buyer demand how long will it be before it closes the gap in relationship to gold?  Remember, if silver is trading 50 to 1 to gold (but dollar sales are the same) this means folks are buying 50 times more silver, right now, than gold!!


No one will question that gold is the “Big Daddy” of precious metal. If big players move millions, even billions, into precious metal I can guarantee the majority goes to gold.  Central banks, governments, big players all buy gold over silver because gold is the truest source of real money, at least up to this point.  Emerging buyers like China and India, once unable to own private metal, are now free to own both.  China has cities with gold peddlers on every street corner as wealth transfers into gold.  India is another story since private possession is more in the form of jewelery than bullion coins.  Can you imagine wearing your net worth, literally, around your neck (should I say wife’s neck).

Here is my take and then I’ll leave the decision up to you.  I believe silver will follow gold’s draft upward but close the gap far closer than the current 50 to 1.  If masses pile into precious metal I have little doubt silver will be the blue-collar choice allowing many to transfer wealth via silver.  How can this not push silver prices upward?  Having said that, I believe both metals should be part of your plan according to how much money you have to throw their way.  I started my precious metal journey 100% in gold then traded some for silver down the road.  An argument for both is possible and each will find their respected place, soon.


One last thought completely unrelated to our topic but should be said. For what it’s worth, think how our economy here in the U.S. has changed over a relatively short time.  Not long ago, the support of our government was by hardworking people developing a better way of life by way of a capitalist driven economy (free market).  Today, our government is the backstop for financial institutions worldwide, byway of debt & deficits, where citizens, small business, and corporations depend upon.  Are you comfortable with a debt & deficits based economy with your financial future?  Please take a hard look at gold and silver soon.

If you’re new to gold and silver email us with your gold/silver related questions. Our guess, if you are asking so are others so email them over.  Also, feel free to sign up for our weekly online recap sent straight to your email.  Keeping informed is key to protecting your families financial future.

Thanks for reading www.theprospectorsite.com and watch for our next post when we answer “How High Will Gold & Silver Go”.

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