It’s easy to judge folks that roll along in life to a different tune than the mainstream.  Survivalist, preppers, anti establishment types, call them what you want but this class was way ahead of what newly independents are striving for today.  Today we look at similarities between the mainstream compared to a typical independent lifestyle of a “survivalist”. Laugh as loud as you please but let me first say most of these guys still own $2.00 silver and $300 gold.  Let’s see what we can learn from those that live a life off the grid.

A typical survivalist has become a master at cutting out the middle man of economics.  Typical Americans go to work each day to earn money hoping it is enough to buy what many preppers grow or raise themselves. Most survivalist live a simple life, by choice I might add, so life is unaffected by economic swings or loss of luxuries.  A survivalist raises beef, goats, and chickens therefor cutting out the butcher.  Many bake bread cutting out the baker.  Most live off the grid bypassing the power company.  Some grow vegetables and fruits and then preserve the surplus for off-season consumption cutting out the farmer.  They live a life of independence backed by a 100% belief in the 2nd amendment of the Constitution and are not afraid to defend it.

Gold and silver, and guns, has long been part of this independence and this is where a survivalist lifestyle is intersecting with mainstream America.  The Prospector Site often talks of how precious metal creates a self-reliant lifestyle one ounce at a time.  Middle America is starting to realize “Big Gov” is only going to take care of the selected few and this is leading many to develop an independent lifestyle.  The lifestyle progression simulates more of a preppers life than a typical suburban lifestyle that most are learning to part with.  Just look at how many lawns are removed and replaced with vegetable gardens.  Just look at how many folks are patching up, passing down, use it till worn out way of life, just like a modern-day prepper.

A positive mainstream reaction to this economic tsunami is the rebirth of family, faith, and values.  Tough times bring out the “pull together” mindset bringing families together strengthening the bond of relationships.  The realization that a government promise is a promise of more debt and redistribution is causing conflict among the ones still holding the boat oars.   Owning gold and silver fits in nicely with this independent lifestyle regardless if we are talking preppers or the mainstream.  Once rigid lines of division between the mainstream and survivalist are now blurred by an overlap of freedom, self-reliance, and independence.  Maybe there is something to be learned from a lifestyle that many once considered the fringe.

QUESTION:  I would like to own gold but can’t afford today’s prices but will be buying silver soon one coin at a time.  Should I buy online or local (coin shop) if buying one coin at a time?

ANSWER:  Good question.  The shipping on an individual coin runs around $3.00 in most regions.  You will likely pay more from your local coin shop but of course not pay shipping.  Compare the difference but if it’s close support your local shop since you may need access to quick cash someday by selling back a coin or two.

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  1. Dan says:

    You should buy silver on ebay. If you try hard enough you’ll get it at or below spot prices, even after calculating in the shipping, give or take a couple dollars. Local purchases are subject to state sales tax and the shop always is above spot, always.

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